Veda Sammelanam

The Smrtis say “Vedokhilo dharmamulam” (वेदोखिलो धर्ममूलम् | ).  AdiSankaracharya says, “Vedo nityam adhiyatam taduditam karma svanushtiyatam” (वेदो नित्यम् अधीयतां तदुदितं कर्म स्वनुष्ठीयताम् |). Dharma is thus the first and foremost among the four purusharthas and is a stepping stone to moksha, the fourth and supreme purushartha. Hence, it is important to learn the Veda  and also follow and live and practise what has been studied, thus following the tenets of Tirukkural, “nirka adharkut taga’. Thus Vedadhyayanam and adherence to svadharma is essential. Further, it is important to honor Vaidikas as what is given to Vedavit is what is truly given. Vedavite kila dattam dattam (वेदविते किल दत्तं दत्तम् | Hence organising and attending a Veda Sammelanam is a rare opportunity to obtain punya.

The Veda Dharmasastra Paripalana Sabha with the blessings of Pujyashri Acharyas of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham continues to perform various activities like conducting Veda Sammelans and Vidvat Sadas. The Sabha currently organises Monthly & Annual Veda Sammelans at various places throughout India. These sammelans typically last for 4 days, comprising of chaturveda parayanams for the first 3 days and Avahanthi Homam on 4th day for the the purpose of Loka-Kshemam (welfare of the society). Karmanushthanas are integrated in our everyday life and only when they are done well do we get the appropriate benefits. To stress this aspect of the teachings of our Maharishis, during the evening hours on Veda Parayanam days, upanyasams are conducted by eminent Vedic scholars on Dharma shastrams for the benefit of everyone.